What Should I Do In The Event of a House Fire

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When your family is safe and sound in your home, it’s easy to forget about all the dangers that can pop up. Having a fire in your home is one of the most catastrophic events that you can face and knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death or small damage and a total loss.  You may not think about how a fire could start or what to do if one does start. Every home must have an emergency plan and know what to do in any potential emergency, especially a house fire. This article will outline steps that everyone should take in the event you have a house fire because this type of emergency can happen at any time without warning.

A house damaged from a fire and smoke

Find A Place to Go, Have an escape plan

If there is a fire in the house, you should get out immediately. Family members need to have an escape plan that is practiced by everyone who lives in the home. All of your family members should know and be aware of all exit areas in the house in case an exit is blocked by fire, they should know the important phone numbers, and they should know who is occupying the home and make sure they make it out safely. Preparation is key and its better to be safe than sorry.  Once out, stay at least 100 feet away from the structure because the air could still be toxic.

Call 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1, and do so as quickly as possible. Let the dispatcher know the property’s address and if anyone is trapped inside the building. The dispatcher will ask for other information later, but it should be easy to provide this information because your family members are hopefully already outside of the structure at this point.

The fire department will determine the best route to get out of any potential danger.

Stay Out

No matter what, during a house fire, you need to make sure everyone remains outside. The flames and smoke of a house fire pose life threatening situations and by entering back into your home you’re putting yourself at risk.  There are no material items that are worth your life. If anyone else is stuck in the house, trust that the local fire department and emergency first responders will get them out safely, calling them should be step one of any emergency plan.

Call Family

Family members should call their relatives and friends to ascertain safety. If anyone else is inside the house, ensure the authorities know it. Knowing everyone’s location will help avoid unnecessary worries.

How to Prevent Home Fires

Prevent a Small Fire from Growing

It’s hard to believe that a small kitchen fire could grow into something huge, but it can happen. Homeowners should be vigilant when cooking because even a slight oversight while cooking could cause a fire. Keep flammable items away from burners and other heat sources to get knocked over accidentally. Homeowners can contact fire damage restoration companies to get advice on how to deal with such an occurrence.

Keep a Charged Fire Extinguisher Nearby

A fire can happen anytime. But a person is more likely to get out of the house if an extinguisher is ready. Before cooking anything, make sure to prepare all of the supplies ready. Keep the fire extinguisher near the kitchen door just in case a fire starts, and one has to rush out. Contacting fire damage experts can help homeowners know how to prepare for fire accidents.

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